The betpot gives you tools for a more comfortable playing in the networks Ipoker. It’s fully customizable keys on any action, utilities for highlighting, placement and resizing tables. Etc.
The program "I Am Modder" is designed to quickly and easily change the appearance of gaming tables Ipoker network.

With this program you can change graphic of room: tables, cards, cardbacks, chips, button of dealer, timer, buttons; change position of elements table, change size of cards and fonts; the program also makes it possible to change the sounds of room (for slot games, we recommend OnlineHracieAutomaty).

The program supports Holdem and Omaha.

What do you need, step by step:

    1. Start the "I Am Modder".
    2. Run your room.
    3. Make the necessary changes.
    4. Press the button "Start modding".
    5. Enjoy.
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